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Discover deeper insights about your customers and effortlessly determine the most effective campaigns and automations using our e-commerce analytics and reporting features.

Campaign Performance

Empower Your Team with Advanced Analytics

Optimize Your Business Performance with Real-Time Analytics

Audience Growth Analytics

Get valuable insights into audience growth by identifying the channels and opt-in tools used by users to subscribe for updates. Use this information to build an effective subscriber acquisition strategy.

Audience Growth
Automation info

Performance Overview

Track the effectiveness of your campaigns and automations to gain valuable insights. Identify which ones have generated the highest ROI, and use this information to refine your messaging strategy for even better results.

Supercharge your WhatsApp & SMS Marketing with these advanced features

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Sign up Form Analytics

Measures the effectiveness of your form by tracking impressions and conversion rates, helping you optimize and improve.

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Keyword Analytics

To assess the efficiency of campaigns, gather statistics on the conversion rates and the keywords that triggered them.

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Campaign Performance

Measure the performance of SMS & WhatsApp campaigns

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Automation Performance

Measure the performance of SMS & WhatsApp Automations

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